What’s the cost?

To some it may appear to just be something spilled, and to others a mess...BUT to me it’s more than’s costly!

today I was moving about and I heard a CRASH, and as I moved about the dark room to reach for the light... there in the floor laid puddles and broken glass. My anointing oil, my frankincense, my alabaster box was broken😭😭😭

So after a moment of gathering my feelings and heart, I realized that it was a reminder that my oil is better poured out rather than sealed in a bottle, especially for HIS people and callings!

Now the house is full of the fragrance of FRANKINCENSE, and I will embrace the fragrant journey throughout the weeks to come!

Ooooh that oil.... so expensive, sooo costly, sooo anointed poured out for YOU and ME and at the entrance to the Wellness Wing!

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