What’s really in Stress?

It so easy to push through, go go go, and just get that last thing done, because it probably isn’t going to be any other time to do it. I mean the dish monster may come and do the dishes for you if you leave them there two seconds longer, right?

We have been conditioned that the more is better and rest is lazy! Is this true?

Yes, I used to believe that same lie! I would see how many things I could put in my todo list daily and then stand proud with my “S” in my chest when I accomplished everything.... even if I only got a couple hours of sleep as a result.

A stressful life became my norm...well I didn’t see it as stressful because I seemed to manage it daily! And when my cup runneth over which it did a lot, I would just have an emotional moment a.k.a. breakdown and then pick the pieces back up and continue on.

Well friend, after years of believing and living a lie that STRESS is NORMAL and OK...I Choose to make better choices. Life is to short to continue down the same dangerous path...often disguised as normal.

STRESS is often hidden in plain site!! You just aren't looking at the whole picture so you miss it. And slowly it begins to rear its head as sickness, disease, dysfunction, and depression.....Yep it's really STRESS!

So I invite you to look at STRESS a little deeper...Making a CHANGE at this point could save your life!!

Take a closer look at what's in

STRESS----->Rest---->Est (establish)----->Re (Recall, Remember, and Reference), and Set

Set yourself to REST as you Establish new routines and priorities. Then Recall what got you to this point, Remember where you want to be, Reference the resources that will get you there, and Set yourself to take Action.....NOW!

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