Looking back or looking forward?

As I embraced the new morning in Dallas after 2 years, I peered out of the window and saw frost resting on top if the grill cover...My first thought, “I left that!”

As as I turned away from the window, I realized that there was still some residue of emotions from past tugging at me... so I paused...pondered... then peered back out of the window!

This time as I peered out of the window I not only saw my past through the frost, I saw snippets of all of the great memories in the snow from the East Coast. I also began to feel a sense of greatfulness that God has allowed me to be here to feel, embrace and be apart of the living world where there are cold days!

Lesson: Begin to intentionally look at things differently, intentionally acknowledge and feel the emotions, and intentionally reflect on the here and now! THEN grab your thieves and lemon oil, honey and hot water and sip on some amazing tea while journaling:)

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