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Self Caring

Our Natural Modalities Line

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is a healing technique using pure essential oils. Raindrop Technique combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, harmony, and body wellness – mental, physical, and emotional. 


BioMat Session

The US FDA’s Medical Device 510K indications for use are as follows:
Relaxation of muscles
Increase of local circulation where applied
Temporary relief of:
Minor muscle pain
Minor joint pain and stiffness
Joint pain associated with arthritis
Muscle spasms
Minor sprains
Minor strains
Minor muscular back pain
Many individuals may find relaxing their muscles helps them relax body and mind as well.

Vitaflex Techniques

Vitaflex is "Vitality through the Reflexes." It consists of a specialized technique that addresses specific areas of the body. Using essential oils with Vita Flex enhances the effectiveness. 

Focus Areas: Colon, Respiratory, Sinuses, Head & Brain, Ear, Heart, Lymphatic, Hips/Atlas)

Aroma Dome Treatment

AromaDome® is a custom designed enclosure for use with the diffusion of therapeutic grade essential oils. Our Advanced Diffuser uses only cold air, no heat or water, to atomize essential oils without damaging their molecular structure or powerful therapeutic properties.  The AromaDome and our Advanced Diffuser are designed to work together to maximize the delivery of the essential oils mist stream to the user.

Zyto Scan

Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO Hand Cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the ZYTO software records each response. Although a few people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that the scan is taking place.
The length of the scan can be as little as 3 minutes.