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D. Mia Gray, the creator of the Holistic Anxiety & Stress Solution and the principal coach and CEO of BE F.R.E.E. Coaching,

D. Mia Gray helps to educate and empower women to put themselves first, become less stressed, drop procrastination, and organize and prioritize their lives to achieve success. Using a multi faceted coaching program, D. Mia Gray offers foundational tools and uncommon wisdom. She is a sought after Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Licensed Spiritual Healer, and Certified Aromatherapy Coach, just to name a few.

With a strong passion to help people, D. Mia Gray has made this her life's mission for the past 15

years and it is people like YOU, that continue to be what drives her to share amazing tools and resources such as the ones that you will find HERE!

The Story

A Faithful Women of God, Wife, Mother of 3 and Grandmother. A woman who has a heart for the widow, the orphan, and the poor. With over 25 years of work in Education, Program Coordination, Training and Coaching, she continues to travel the world extensively sharing her knowledge, tools, and strategies to help others overcome life challenges and obstacles. 

Life trials have been her greatest teacher and through successful strategy implementation,  she is able  to share with a variety of audiences today. Battling through physical and debilitating diagnosis and disease is where she found her true power of what Natural Health and Wellness could do; and now walking in complete healing from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Breast Cancer, birthed a series called, "Diagnosis to Destiny", that has been heard all around the world. She continues to help empower others to learn, grow, and walk in complete healing in every area of their lives. 

Another major area of success that she found was in her Financial Life, after declaring Bankruptcy twice and continually suffocating under the weight of debt. Through key strategy and implementation she was able to annihilate over $600,000 worth of personal debt and share the tools with a group of over 300+ people in her community who collective annihilated over $3 Million in a span of 3 years. 

With a strong passion to help people, she has made this her life's mission, and it's people like YOU, that continue to be what drives her to share amazing tools and resources such as the one you will find here.

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